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Why should I shop at SoMuchSavings rather than the millions of other websites that exist?

We believe that if you are going to make a purchase anyway, you might as well save money on it and help someone during the process.  It's free, why not?

SoMuchSavings makes this possible for our consumers around the globe.  We call it the “Saving to Support” initiative.


Every day, thousands of merchants, representing millions of products and services, introduce online savings and deals to SoMuchSavings. 

You will find many of the merchants you currently shop at participating in our program.

As you shop for items, you will be introduced to merchants and savings that you may not have known existed. 

If SoMuchSavings is successful in helping you make a purchase, it will start a chain reaction of financial support for a Charity or Project important to you.

The more money you save on purchases, the more you help those you care about.  (See "charities receive" and "projects funded" buttons below.)

We encourage you to click the "help" button above for further details on how this process works.  Our Shoppers and Causes have asked us many good questions and we enjoy sharing our answers. 

Thanks for saving to support.  Enjoy your visit with SoMuchSavings.  Go save!

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