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What type of creative Project ideas does SoMuchSavings reward with financial support?

Humans are an innovative bunch, always thinking up new ideas so they can passionately bring them to "life". increases the odds of "life" for those project ideas presented to us.

We fund projects through our "Saving to Support" initiative.  Click "Add a Project" to register your project with SoMuchSavings. We will support you efforts.

Here's how it works: 


1)  As consumers visit SoMuchSavings to shop and save money, they are required to first select a Charity or Project for us to support.

2)  Upon selection of a Project, we take the supporter to the Savings' Website of the selected Project.

3)  Once there, a consumer (now supporter) can shop and save while learning about the Project.

4)  SoMuchSavings provides Project funding after the completion of a purchase transaction. 

In short, consumers save and their selected Project receives...for free.  

Sample Project Concept
Category: Food and Water

Project Objective 

Supply clean drinking water to the non-developed world by creating a "Drum Pump".
- Utilize technology from the 1930's
- Drop ship the new water supply systems
- Help remote villages in arrid environments

What supplies were needed?

- Empty large metal oil drum
- Metal tubing
- Fence post digger
- Steel mesh
- Nuts
- Bolts
- Temperature guage
- Pressure valves
- Hinges
- Torch
- Hoses
- Shovel
- Basic tools

How will the Project come to "life"?

- Dig a "tube tunnel" to water springs.  
- Bring water up through the tube.
- Burn clean garbage to boil tube water.
- Filter fire smoke with layered mesh.  
- Open the "Drum Pump" valve. 
- Drink the water boiled to temperature.

Did the Project come to "Life"?

Yes, but not in the form that was originally intended. The concept ignited the minds of a few curious Grad students.  End result? Prototypes to be shipped to arrid village environments around the globe.

How much would it have cost SoMuchSavings users to help this Project?

Nothing.  You support by saving money on items you are purchasing anyway.  

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We encourage you to click the “help” button above for further details on how this process works. We have been asked many good questions and we enjoy sharing answers.

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